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If the number of fund raised dollars and staff productivity issues are concerns for your organization

you have come to the right place!

Gospel of Great Data Management

We offer our clients an opportunity to organize, assess and achieve.


  • Do you have data everywhere - do staff members use those nasty little spreadsheets?
  • Do you have post-it notes glued to your computer?
  • Are your pledge commitments somewhere but no one knows where?
  • Does it takes days to put together a list due to duplicate entries, mis-spellings and bad addresses?


If you answered YES! to any of these questions, we knew you would!

Do you want to be exceptional or ordinary?

If you want EXCEPTIONAL call us 877-489-9911.


Talk is free and it might be a conversation which is a lightening rod to change

from middle of the road to top of the heap.


We are in the business of helping charities work more effectively and making more money!


To take a word out of Steve Jobs vernacular ... We have done it differently! And that means BETTER!


If you are struggling with $$$$$$$$$$ issues and staff are working for peanuts ...

it's time to find out more about how your organization can THRIVE not merely struggle to SURVIVE.


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