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From Chaos to Control

January 2014 Simone Joyaux's Blog: Uncensored reviewed From Chaos to Control

"I like Sharron’s acronym for the problem: L.O.S.T. (Leadership – Order – Staffing – Training). Fix all four and your chaos quotient goes way down! And Sharron tells you how to fix it all.

This book describes a step-by-step process to building your Knowledge Plan (KPlan). Anecdotes describe problems. (Oh how awful these are!) The book describes solutions. And then the book describes the Knowledge Management System Toolkit.

And then there’s the 15 second rule. Sharon’s office and team evaluate the effectiveness of their Knowledge Management System by whether (or not) they can locate the specific resource file needed in a particular situation — within 15 seconds. Wow. Imagine that kind of efficiency!

I really like this book. Use it! Make big, important, useful change. Now." READ MORE

March 14, 2014 Presentation Comments from webinar

  • This session was very informative and inspiring
  • I found her very informative, and very willing to speak about the "warts" as well as the "plusses" of fundraising.
  • Informative and insightful. Thank you!
  • Excellent Great
  • Extremely valuable & a session I would recommend
  • Worthwhile attending

& responses to what they thought they had learned:

  • The importance of managing a database, the importance of the support and engagement of the leaders of the organization, creating an organized environment to improve performance and one that helps staff succeed, that training is not a cost but an investment 
  • It was more reinforcement: the vital importance of sound data management and having properly integrated data systems.
  • Need to continue to strive for organization - ongoing.  Need to establish clear expectations from staff on data management and ensure it is built into their job description.  As well, ensure there are measures in place to evaluate these expectations.
  • Importance of Organization and Knowledge Management
  • It was mostly a reminder of what I know. Motivational fuel.

& from Connie Hubbs

  • Personally I thought it was very good. You are very authoritative, funny in places and your passion is infectious.

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Ask the Question Why a Book?

     I have written this book for the donors, board members, executive directors and fund development staff who believe that running a successful
must involve good management practices and competent donor data processing as a means to build a sound financial future for their organization. 

   Fundraising is an entrepreneurial activity; adopting improved data management methods will help fundraisers find their “inner-entrepreneur!” Datais fascinating! It can tell you about your donors, about trends and it supports future possibilities.

     The knowledge we gain from working with data and the processes around it can be drawn upon to increase the value of what we
know and improve how we work. The key is in retention and access to these valued resources; the outcome is a high performance team working in concert. Here is a bit of history as to why I felt From Chaos to Control was an important piece of work to share.

     My work with charities began in 1988 when I first started developing a fundraising software application. Over the many years since that time, I have
struggled to understand why more attention is not given to the handling of donor gift data. The management of this important funding resource is often
delegated to data entry clerks and decisions regarding the management of the data appear more of an accident than a practice. The result has been
that the quality of data and its management is far less than what it could be.

     One significant outcome is the loss of organizational history - new managers often find it difficult to pick up where their predecessor left off. This is
not an unusual occurrence, but rather common for both big-name charities,as well as small. Why are senior managers not intervening to ensure that
their organization maintains a complete history of donor interaction?

     These findings prompted many discussions around the problem and gave rise to some practical solutions. A productive work environment supports
continuous improvement, and invests in its human capital to build a knowledge-driven work place. When they say “knowledge is power,” they
are right. Creating an environment where staff can work effectively, including conserving and sharing what they have learned, will benefit everyone in the

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Reviewed by:

Anne McLellan O. C. P.C.

Sharron Batsch advocates convincingly for knowledge management systems that provide
all the tools necessary for successful fundraising.

 Lynn Mandel Telus Community Board Member

 All non-profit organization leaders and board directors need to read this book and take heed. As well, all arts administration programs should use this book as text. There is no excuse...both the programs and training are readily available.
“From Chaos To Control” and learn.

J.A. Tony Myers, CFRE

Sharron’s dedication to our sector is making a real difference. Sharron gets it. She gets data. She gets discipline. She gets
the need for all of us to understand and appreciate the role that data and discipline
have in helping us raise more money for the causes and organizations we cherish.

John Curtis PhD, Non Profit Organizational Development Consultant, Atlanta GA

I like the message and the format and most important the challenge to nonprofits.