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What's New - @EASE Cloud

Why Rent when you can Buy?


Announcing @EASE on an Azure Cloud

Consider This: Those monthly payments for rented cloud donor management applications

– the ones you NEVER own and pay forever, have a cost structure that grows as you grow,

and it NEVER stops!

Can you affort this? Below are examples of the price you pay to rent!

1000 records - $2400 per year with support

5000 records - $3600 per year with support

15000 records - $6000 per year with support

@EASE Cloud Fees for Start-Up Organizations

2 users, up to 2000 master records for only $203.00 per month,

with a Lease to Purchase for 3 years, after which you OWN it.

(Full paid puchase is also an option! Upgrade to unlimited master records and users, when you are ready!

We offered a modified support plan for small organizations.)



  • Large read-able windows for easy movement and toggling between screens
  • No queries to write
  • Supported by people who know fundraising and attend to your needs
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Take your tablet on the road to access donor files and make notations
  • Access to your EaseKMS and other resources
  • Addresses new government access laws Opt In – Opt Out
  • Donate Now Administrative access
  • iATS on-line payments
  • Best yet, you won’t need to ask someone else for a report … you can run it yourself.


You can enjoy all the benefits of @EASE and you OWN it!

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