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We Care Support - Support

After the sale, it's the support that counts.

We offer telephone and email support. For clients needing a visit, we use GoToMeeting to provide on-line help.

Our goal is to solve any problem a client may have as quickly as possible. We treat our clients the same way we expect to be treated, when we are the client.

Our expertise in data management, event management and fund raising offer clients a one stop solution to any issue they may run across.

This is what some of our clients have to say about Batsch Group support.

"You get some of the best support around and an in depth knowledge about nonprofits."

"The Batsch Group offers the best tech support I've ever experienced.  They are prompt, reliable and willing to help out in any situation. I always feel confident knowing that I have the Batsch support team behind me!"

"@Ease is the easiest company we’ve ever worked with in our history. They have adapted the program to fit our needs and they put their clients needs first."

The system is user friendly, easy to train up on, and reports are exactly what we need.  When we run into problems, Batsch Group has been available to answer our questions and sort things out for us. The service is great, just a phone call away. "

"@EASE is a great software package, and the Batsch Group are wonderful people that are willing to assist you in any way possible, any time of the day to make sure that you not only understand what the program does, but also help with any program issues that might arise."

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