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We Care Support - Training: Webinars on Request

Q-Ease are 1 - 2 hour learning sessions delivered over the web to help clients address small learning hurdles.  Please book them in advance of the day you need them.  A Q-Ease session does not take the place of a full course, but is offered to assist clients whose needs have fallen between course offerings. Some webinars have a pre-requisite requirement.

How to Setup Campaigns for a Special Event (event type specific) ...1.5 hours
If you are getting ready for a Gala or Golf Tournament and need to know how to set up the necessary campaign structure to properly record ALL aspects of the event in @EASE ... call us.  This one hour course helps you set the event up so that next year it will be even easier!

How to Record Special Event Transactions ... 2 hours
Recording different aspects of a special event is key to making the event enjoyable for you.  This course will look at recording registrations, sponsorships, auction item donations, just plain donations, revenue items sold at the event and auction purchases.  Keeping up to date with all transactions as they occur ensures accurate event status reports.  Keeping up to date, will ensure you get to go and have fun!
PRE-REQUISITE: How to Setup Campaigns for a Special Event 

How to Create Labels Using the @EASE Export File (Word Merge) ...1 hour

Building a Q-Xpress selection takes time and thought.  Once the file has been created exporting it takes only a couple of minutes.  This session will look at the export file fields, your export intent and the options available to you.

How to Create Letters & Labels in Word for Merging with the @EASE Export File ...1.5 hours

The ability to create letters and labels is an important skill.  This session will look at how to create letters and labels using Word.  We will see how the EaseKMS folder, Forms, will be useful in storing merge applications for use in the future and by other staff members.

 How to Setup a Pledge Campaign and Create a Pledge Donation ...1.5 hours

Donations that are paid monthly, or major grants that have a specific payment schedule need to be recorded in the @EASE Pledge system.  Learn how to create a pledge campaign and identify the difference between an On-going pledge and a Fixed-length pledge.  Build your pledge transactions so that payments are ready to process.

How to Process Pledges and Create a Bank Export File ... 1.5 hours

Processing pledges requires a few steps to ensure correctness.  We will look at how to put pledges into process, how to confirm the payment list, how to export to a bank if required, and how to record payments that were unsuccessful.  The final step is posting to move a gift pledge to a gift receipt.
PRE-REQUISITE: How to Setup a Pledge Campaign and Create a Pledge Donation

How to Create a Volunteer Schedule ...1.5 hours

A special event often requires a special volunteer schedule.  This course will examine how to build volunteer campaign events( or jobs), as well as how to set up the schedule through a volunteer campaign profile.

How to Record Volunteer Hours...1.5 hours
Recording volunteer hours is important.  Sometimes your ability to request funding through private and public foundations necessitates identifying your volunteer hours.  @EASE records volunteer hours in two ways, first through a Volunteer Schedule and the second through Volunteer Activity Hours.
PRE-REQUISITE:  How to Create a Volunteer Schedule

How to Record Donations and Report for Accuracy...1 hour

Recording donations is particularly important.  Selecting the right campaign, choosing the right donor and recording gift details like receipt date, date received, amount, and breakout, ensure that a gift and its receipt are accurate.  We will look at some easy ways to ensure a gift has been entered correctly from data entry, through reporting and finally creating a receipt.

Booking your Webinars:  Each hour of training is $100.00 per organization.  Book now and ensure your data has been entered to benefit your organization.

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