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We Care Support - Four Days: From CHAOS to CONTROL

From CHAOS to CONTROL for @EASE Clients

Build a High Performance Fund Development Team

CONSIDER:  What would happen if all your fund development staff left, never to return.  Where would the charity be with respect to the information that sustains it.  Donors, advocates and others provide financial security; if that information was gone or diluted due to poor management practices, how would the charity continue?

Four Days is both workshop and coaching program delivered over four days to allow charities and their fund development staff to move from CHAOS to CONTROL.

There are Six Specific Goals that charities can and will want to achieve as they work to building a sustainable financial base for the programs and services they offer.

  1. Cleanse the data to instill quality addressing, standardize naming conventions and identify duplicate records.
  2. Define who donates to the charity through segmentation by business, service club, association etc.
  3. Identify key donors and funders and determine the information requirements that should be present in the charity's donor database including contacts and how they are defined.
  4. Assemble the charity's electronic tools so they are organized to enable rapid access.
  5. Record key contacts with donors, funders and sponsors as well as other actions that impact on the ability of the charity capture its current and future activities.
  6. Learn how Dickens is used to retain organizational history.
  7. Review the job descriptions for all fund development staff to ensure the proper use of the software from the Charity's perspective eliminating the development of spreadsheets and lists that lose valuable intelligence.

As a board member or donor, where would you want to invest your time and in particular your money?

Take CHAOS out of the quotient and with Four Days you can elude CHAOS and put your charity in CONTROL of its most important asset, the information it gathers and retains to build its future.

Cost per Participant:  $1,500.00  Each program is limited to 4 organizations.  All bookings are firm and non-refundable.

Location:  Edmonton Learning Centre

Here are two Executive Directors and their thoughts on Four Days:

Grace Thomson, Executive Director - The Dream Factory    
      As Executive Director of a smaller organization you wear many hats and for me Fund Development is one of them.  It is difficult to justify taking the time away from the office for training when you are torn in so many ways.  However, we have had @EASE for a number of years and I did the initial training and kept putting further training to the side.  I can assure you that I will not do this again.
     Our Admin Assistant/Donor Management staff person also attended the training with me. The four days we invested in training was well worth the time away from the office and the expense. If we had been in the office we would not have been focused on @EASE as there are so many distractions. 
     I am so appreciative that the cleanup of our data, which was long overdue, is now done. It was invaluable to have the donor management person take this training as well.  She now totally understands how imperative it is that she enters the information into @EASE in the correct format.  Additionally she is now able to pull reports for me and understands from a fundraising aspect how important it is to enter  campaigns and other information in a way that it is accessible so that you can pull different information for future funding.
     I believe it was important that we did the training together as it provided us with an opportunity to discuss and learn so much more about @EASE.  I now know that when I ask for a report she will understand what I am looking for and be able to provide this.  I strongly recommend that anyone considering taking training courses don’t put it off as I am positive we will better utilize our data to raise more money. 

 Donna Grainger, Executive Director, East Kootenay Foundation for Health
     I have just returned from training with the Batsch Group for its @Ease program entitled 4 days. After working with the software for 8 years, my board of directors gave their blessing for me to return to Edmonton to do one-on-one data management.
     I went with large goals in mind, mainly to ensure naming and addresses standards were in place, learning more about reporting and the right way to do selections of information. I didn't know at the time that would only be the tip of the iceberg. The 4 days of training turned out to be more valuable than I ever could have realized.  Our foundation has done a decent job at recording our donors and data but when I learned time saving techniques, better use of qualities and membership, and more it became obvious that training makes a difference in keeping current. I know there will be some heavy workload to get my entire data into the profiles we want but I can already see several benefits.
     Customized training with our own data was also extremely beneficial so that when you return to your office you are working with the most current changes in your data instead of time lost taking the training techniques and then trying to incorporate them on your own.  Those four days were priceless. I knew that keeping on top of our data management system was important but this training for my organization and me was one of the best financial investments we put back into our foundation in a long time.