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We Care Support - Address Correction and National Change of Address

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National Change Of Address (NCOA)

Don't you just hate it when your donors keep moving... kind of like a moving target? This kind of clean-up is especially important for older data. Mailing to invalid addresses is very costly. If you do any fundraising and aren't doing this, you're loosing valuable donors.  That’s a fact!  Even if there are only a small number of moves, this service pays for itself… especially where repeat donors are involved.  If a donor moves and you don't get their new address, you've lost them.  Worse yet, you could acquire them as a prospect and treat them like they've never donated to you.  Their donation history would be lost.  Ask us how you can gain new donors from "individual" movers. When we run your first NCOA for you, we'll show you the results prior to invoicing. If you think the results aren't worth the cost, we'll just scrap the job and you don't pay a penny.

Address Correction

In order to expedite your mail to its recipient, you should have the correct address information in your database.  If you are mailing using a discounted rate, the post office may require that this service be performed in order to prove the correctness of the addresses being submitted to the postal system.  In addition to the postal benefits, there's the matter of matching records during duplication checking. If the address components are standardized, it will be easier to match one record to another.  Why should you care? Because better matching means less duplicates, saving you money on wasted postage, and gives your company a better image in the eyes of the recipient.

Purging — Duplication Detection/Removal

Duplicates are a hassle all around. They waste postage, convolute response rates, make the sender look foolish... and in the case of fundraisers, make you look like you're throwing money out the window. Not good!

From a company database hygiene standpoint, duplicates are a problem when trying to communicate with your clients. If you have the same person twice (or more) in your company database how do you maintain accurate information for that individual, such as notes, address changes, preferences? It's next to impossible. You'd have to find ALL their records and update them all... every time. What a pain. We can find these duplicates and report them to you so they can be cleaned up.

We can remove duplicates at the individual level, company level, or household level. It's pretty tricky to match company names due to their different ways of being input, but we've got some tools to help with that. The question you have to ask yourself is: Do I want to send to everyone, or just one piece to one address?

While removing duplicates, we can save certain information from the deleted record to the surviving record, such as phone numbers. That's something you'll want to discuss with us.

On a more complex level, if there are existing transactional records which need to be saved, we can create a translation file for the ID numbers. That means the surviving record can be linked to the historical transactions of the deleted record. Therefore, you get to keep all your valuable information so you can make better decisions.

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