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Compact Database 2016 New

We have added a new Compact Database utility. To download the new utility click here.

Download CompactDatabase2016.exe and remove CompactDatabase2011.exe from your site.

Please Note:  CompactDatabase2016.exe needs to reside in the same folder as the Ease.mdb file.

To schedule CompactDatabase2016 to run from your server, you will need to install a VB utility on the server.

To download the VB Utility click here.

*** We recommend scheduling this action in the early morning hours as all users must be logged out of @EASE. ***

*** The CompactDatabase.log file should be checked to ensure it has been successful. ***

A staff member can be assigned this task and a DeskTop Shortcut for easy access to the file.

To download CompactDatabase2016 click here. For further information on scheduling please click More Information.


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