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We Care Support - Donor Retention! Report in @EASE

Donor Retention

Managing and maintaining donors is not only a challenge but a goal for all charities.

The NEW Donor Retention Report and Q-Xpress Extract in @EASE lets fundraisers know:

  • who they have retained from the previous fiscal year
  • who they have re-ignated in their support of the charity
  • who is a new donor

            - a new donor might be really a brand new donor or

            - a new donor might be a person or organization who has given in other ways and for the first time has given a cash donation

The report is based on cash donations only as defined be the campaigns (or appeals) associated with their gifts.

This might be used for a direct mail or some other form of Ask where development staff want to evaluate the success of their selection for the appeal.

Here is a sample report for all of fiscal 2016! The Year Between value is very broad ... 1900 - 2017. We use this range to ensure all gifts given in fiscal year 2016 are included, as some campaigns, particularly gifts for in memory or on-going pledges may have started in earlier campaign years.

There is a Q-Xpress export which will find all of these donors individually and report the Year information for further evaluation by FD staff.

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