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Build a High Performance Fund Development Team

 Batsch Group offers a Four Day programme offered to charities who want to

  • put more power in the database
  • conserve organizational knowledge
  • put an organizational structure called the KMS (Knowledge Management System) to house electronic tools (15 Second access!)
  • develop policies to ensure donor management consistency through staff changes

How would you answer the following questions?
What would happen if all your fundraising staff left, never to return?
How effectively would your fund development / fundraising program continue?
Would you have the information your next hire needs to know to continue seamlessly?

If this caused nervous laughter, there is a solution and its not difficult to implement. With a small commitment of time your organization can outperform your competitors in time management, data management and opportunity renewal.

FD Knowledge Plan

All charities have one very valuable asset which can provide a seamless transition as staff change, however daily business often takes precedence over donor management which leaves the content in donor database wanting.

A comment often expressed is " Our donor data is in bad shape".  While it's time to get that data into SHAPE, and ensure long term accountability with your donors.

While the data is being examined, job requirements will be written to ensure new methods are adopted long term change and staff are accountable. Until it's written down, no staff member is really accountable for their actions.

The FD Knowledge Plan is delivered through four workshops where you can dedicate time to upgrading your donor management database,  develop a resource management plan and capture your best practices. You and your staff will work to address specific goals while identifying the changes necessary to implement better data, more time and less stress.
1.    Review the quality of your current data examining address and naming standards to identify duplicates.

  • conventions that everyone adheres to are important to protect the quality of your data
  • standards when it comes to organization names will prevent duplicate records
  • recording expectations and methods provide the guidelines current and new staff need to perform consistently

2.    Segment your data to understand more about who your supporters are.

  • review contacts that work for a specific organization, or get a listing of all contacts by organization type
  • print profile reports by individual or in groups
  • examine annual giving by donation Type
  • Identify opportunities for future events.
  • populate profiles using customized FP KPlan Management forms,
  • set up communication tabs for implementation linking websites, web pages, social networking sites and record staff members of foundations and corporations who fund your organization.

3.    Relationship information, for fast access, belongs in your donor database but not in the notes section.

  • Examine your coding practices to ensure accurate results.

4.   Organize and populate business contacts so they are meaningful.

  • Media, advocates, funders and more.

5.    Set up the Contact Manager to create organizational history and address future actions.

  • The contact manager can be used for many functions including recording media activity, address changes, making appointments for future actions.

6.    Review the approach to recording specific types of gifts making the benefit of the donation more powerful.

  • third party, grants, gifts in kind, direct mail, special events

7.    Add to Campaign Profiles Expenses so you can report and evaluate results.

  • Look at different reporting options for your ROI evaluation.

8.   Steps to setting up a more effective KMS environment ... 15 second file retrieval is the rule of thumb

  • to manage all your electronic files enabling fast access for all team members.


Four Days to build an effective FD Knowledge Plan

The program is delivered over Four Days, but not four consecutive days as time is required to implement the changes.

Each one of the Four Day sessions ends with a Plan of Action to complete before the next Day is booked.

For more information on booking Four Days to build your FD Knowledge Plan, please contact us.

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