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Consulting Services - Is Planned Giving on Your TO DO List?

Planned Giving provides a charity with long term sustainability. A Planned Giving program is more than just a letter or a newsletter note; it’s the presentation that cements the interest when a win – win scenario is presented to the right audience. 

Is Planned Giving on your To Do List?

We will introduce you to services offered through Batsch Group that will help you develop a successful legacy program. 


  • It’s a long term initiative
  • Results in the form of individuals investing increase over time
  • It requires support by the board
    • Personal contribution
    • Advocate for the program
    • Identifying potential contributors
  • Professional marketing package
  • Courting specific audiences
  • Developing a recognition package
  • Information Delivery Program
  • Appropriate follow-up

Introducing Planned Giving to a community of donors is a long tern activity.  The aspects of the program need to address the benefits to the donor both financially and personally.

The benefit to the charity is long term sustainability, however, the financial outcomes are found in the future. A program designed to introduce the idea of planned giving and its benefits is continuous.  There is a beginning but no foreseeable end to a program of this type as it flows along attracting donors at different stages in their lives.

The program itself needs to highlight a personal touch.  Some programs use call centres to see what floats to the top of the net.  We believe a successful planned giving program produces desired results when donors are approached with sensitivity and not by an 800 call.

A Board focus towards planned giving is important.  This focus might help determine future board members.  It may also help to determine whether your organization is ready to implement a planned giving program.Ideally a Board that has demonstrated the same commitment they are looking for, will have invested in their organization adds credibility when donors are approached.  A Board focus where each and every board member assists in identifying potential supporters is equally important as they draw from different levels in a community.

A program to introduce planned giving is a long term investment in time and effort; however the benefits are enormous to the charity and its future.


Brian G. Batsch CLU ChFC CFP

With thirty years of experience working in the financial sector, Mr. Batsch is a gifted presenter who can show you how to complete a planned gift commitment to the benefit of your organization and the donor.