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Rate your Charity's Chaos Quotient!

Who said we need to use the database ... we like spreadsheets and little lists!

  1. Database is not being used and donations are being recorded elsewhere.
  2. New staff members do not use donor database because senior managers have not mandated its use.
  3. Donor gifts are manually receipted.
  4. Special events are handled on spreadsheets.
  5. We were unable to invite all previous guests to a special event as lists not recorded inthe donor management software were lost.
  6. Getting a mailing list takes days because information has not been centralized ... it's stored in word processing documents, on spreadsheets, in home made access databases, on paper, in someone's palm pilot or contact management system, elsewhere?
  7. There is no organizational history well; we don't even know who past board members have been.

Training is a cost. Trial and error produces a creative mix of methods!

  1. New staff members are not trained because senior managers don't mandate training.  It is not required as it is a cost!!!
  2. Staff turnover has been an issue and no one can find any contact information on donors or community supporters.
  3. The head of fund development left and we are at a loss as to where to begin again.
  4. Staff are disgruntled with the number of times they have had to repeat tasks like building mailing lists.
  5. Grant proposals have been written. Some were accepted and some were declined. No one knows the status of historical requests or what is still outstanding.

Controls are not something we are interested in!

  1. Software updates have been left undone because no one is responsible for ensuring new versions are up to date.
  2. We have donors who have given multi-year pledges, the documentation has been lost.
  3. We have donors who pledged but have not paid. We don't have a follow-up policy to handle this situation so we left it.


  1. Fundraising dollars at events have decreased, significantly.
  2. The ability to inform donors and the public about the charity is onerous and time consuming.
  3. Donors call in and no one can find information on their gifts.
  4. One of our big donors called to say they wouldn't be supporting us in the future.
  5. Staff are in constant scramble mode, and no one is enjoying their job, morale is low.

Give yourself 5 points for every Yes.  Add your total and this is your CQ%. 

  • Anything over 30 suggests a problem.
  • Over 50 and there is definitely some issues that need addressing.
  • After 50, its all downhill!

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