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Account Manager Representatives

We are pleased to offer the following opportunity to individuals interested in offering @EASE Fund Development Software in the USA, Australia and Canada.

Successful applicants will agree to represent us with energy and commitment which will be important to maintaining the agreement and pay scale we are offering.

@EASE is an exceptional product known for its ease of use and its ability to build a knowledge base for a charity.

Batsch Group will provide full support for all software demos until such time as account managers are comfortable enough to run them on their own. All required materials will be provided and once a new client has committed to purchase, Batsch Group will provide training and data services. Should account managers wish to be involved in offering training on-site we would be pleased to support that effort.

To assist in the marketing of the software and The Knowledge Driven Charity consulting service we have advertisements on AFP and AHP International sites where account managers and their contact information will be listed. @EASE is also listed on the Capterra website with an appropriate landing page to encourage organizations seeking a software solution to request a software demo.

Below is a sample grid identifying potential dollars for an active manager. Partnership arrangements are also available to the right candidates with a proven sales record.

Pricing has been modified to ensure there is adequate remuneration and incentive. The price of @EASE is $10,000.00 with a 40% commission on sales and 20% on support contracts which are cumulative from one year to the next providing clients remain on the support contract. The Support Agreement on average is $2,000.00 annually and payable in January of each new year.

Support agreements begin in the following year, so a sale of 10 units in year one will have $4000.00 paid in January of the following year and each year after providing all clients remain.

No commission is offered on data conversion as this is provided on a flat fee service and one that is viewed as a gift to new clients as they look to engage in the use of the program as soon as possible.  In other words, we eat the cost to ensure quality data at a reasonable price.

We look forward to working with clients in the most honest and transparent way possible and except the same in return. If there are any questions please contact Sharron Batsch, directly. Please view the sample below.


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