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Consulting Services - High Performance using Knowledge Management

Build a High Performance Fund Development Team

Information • Knowledge • Time

Information, knowledge and time are the building blocks of a High Performance Team.

The acronym L.O.S.T. - Leadership • Order • Staffing • Training, reflects issues that want for a solution.

Join me as we discuss how to move a charity from risky practices to ones which embrace a knowledge culture and in turn support a high performance environment for a FD team.

►Evaluate your CQ (Chaos Quotient)

►See how defined expectations can alter a fund development team

►Examine the potential that exists in well crafted data

►Understand your legacy and how the information you collect can endure

►Build practices which provide continuity through change

The true measure of a high performance FD team is in the wealth they accumulate through what is collected and learned to build a sustainable future for a charity.

This is a three hour interactive seminar:


Experience an Epiphany:  How we work today is not the norm.

Experience the Opportunity:  We can do it better; increase productivity, reduce waste & surpass goals.

Experience a Call to Action:  We can start today, we have a plan!


A knowledge-driven charity supporting a High Performance Team.

Recommended Audience:  Executive Directors, Board Members, Fund Development Managers

 From our Telus Community Board Presentation Fall 2014

Sharron shines the light on an issue faced by most charitable organizations. A lack of knowledge management impacts productivity and important donor relations. With a practical presentation style and great examples, Sharron is able to help audiences understand how good data management can lead to great results!   Dawn Newton, Senior Manager Community Affairs, TELUS

Presenter:  Sharron Batsch, BSc, Partner Batsch Group Inc - AFP member since 1998

Contributing Expert:  Dr. Darryl Humphrey

Date:  Fall 2015

Fee per person:  TBA

 Sharron's background spans over 25 years working with the not for profit community. As a volunteer she has worked on capital campaigns, chaired Philanthropy Day, conferences and trade shows.She specializes in information management and helps clients raise over $70,000,000 annually. She knows fundraising and the many pitfalls charities succumb to, that affects productivity and dollars raised. She has received awards nationally and provincially for Knowledge Management solutions in the for-profit sector; she has presented on productivity issues nationally for major oil, transportation, manufacturing and financial organizations. She developed programs for the University of Manitoba Continuing Education and has taught for both NAIT and SAIT in their computer technology programs.

She is the author of From Chaos to Control Build A High Performance Team Using Knowledge Management which received very favourable reviews from Anne McLellan, Tony Myers CFRE, Lynn Mandel and Simone Joyeaux ACFRE.  The book was the outcome of a 25 year journey with the NPO community and a commitment to help those who were helping others.

From Simone Joyeaux:  "I very much like the outline of the workship! You said you were going to write an article, right?  Love to read it when you've written it!"

Comments on From Chaos to Control can be found on under What's New.

Dr. Humphrey's background includes helping organizations of all sizes make better use of their data assets, to align their business processes with the key elements of their value proposition, and developed strategic plans.  He is an experienced management consultant that has served public and private sector clients in Canada, USA, and Europe.  As an academic and data scientist, Darryl has lead public seminars and graduate level courses in statistics and in adapting technology to the needs of both the organization and the end-user.  Over the past decade Darryl has focused on bringing value to the small and medium sized organizations, including not for profits and government agencies, of Alberta and Saskatchewan.