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@EASE Software - Donate Now and Raise Funds with Ease

On-line Donations, Registrations and Ticket Sales using Donate Now and Donate Admin

Batsch Group now offers a customized Donate Now environment for their clients. The Donate Admin lets you develop your own giving / tickets / registration opportunities and Donate Now offers donors and participants the opportunity to give or purchase over the web using AMEX, VISA or MasterCard.

The export file created downloads in an XML format that matches the field structure of @EASE. No longer will staff be required to re-key and clean data when using this site. Savings in time, more opportunity to take advantage of other forms of giving are now available at a very reasonable fee for service.

Training and support is included and we look forward to giving our clients another opportunity to do it better!

If you have any questions ... you know where to find us ... (877) 489 9911 CDA and USA or (780) 489-9911 Edmonton area.

Event Tickets

We have enabled Ticket Purchases where you can set up your event ticket to include both a benefit and charitable portion for individual tickets or tables. This is seamless and not visible to the purchaser but it ensures accurate and easy importing into @EASE.


It was requested to include the name of a gift in memory on the thank you email message received by the donor. This facility has been included for both in memory and in honour of gifts. Thank you to our client for their suggestion!


For walk events or open house events at your location, guests can now register through the Donate Now site.

Different graphics can be used for different types of activities and you can have volunteer fundraisers link to your site.  Below are simply samples, you can choose your own graphics.


New memberships or renewals can now be done through the Donate Now site!


Event sponsors can now pay on-line!


Donate Admin

The Donate Admin lets you set up all your own events, donation opportunities and more. It is customized with your logo and organization name and set up so that as gifts come in a notification email is set to the email you select.

Custom messaging lets you request additional information or advise your donors / ticket buyers or registrants.

The Download is simple and separates records which were previously downloaded from those which have yet to be downloaded.

The XML file is set up to match @EASE and the Import in @EASE lets you vet the information for quality… and global assigns make posting to create mulitple receipt transactions, simple.



 iATS powers the payment process. You will require an iATS account and the costs for the Donate Now Batsch account with iATS have even better rates than the regular iATS offering.

Other Features

  • You can add a Promo Code to an event.
  • Names, street names and cities will all start with a capital letter.
  • We have added a nice greeting to the confirmation message and to the email sent to the donor or purchaser.
  • Gifts given 'in memory' or 'in honour of' will have the name of the individual being remembered or honoured on the confirmation and email.
  • We have added the amount transacted on the confirmation and email
  • We have requested a response to the question ' Do they want more Info??' It must be a Yes or a No.
  • We colour coded the types of transactions to make it easier to select the right one.
  • We added a Purchase code to the Sponsorship selection to enable payments
  • We added a new code for Registrations without a Fee so it would not conflict with Registrations with a Fee

 Additional Benefits

With your iATS account you will be able to use Donate Now but also accept individual payments directly through @EASE and run monthly EFT and Credit donations through the @EASE Pledge System.

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