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@EASE Software - What does @EASE do?

@EASE does many things. Some are dependent on the skills and training of the software users. Our role at Batsch Group, is help our clients make the best  possible use of @EASE. Here are a few things @EASE does very well. Keep in mind that Batsch Group is here to support our clients so they are able to use the program both effectively and efficiently.

Question:  Does @EASE house Prospects?


     YES!  Prospects are Active opportunities for any Ask. When they give they automatically move from Prospect to Donor.

Question:  Does @EASE only house donors and prospects?


    NO!  @EASE will record contact information and more for all media, charity advocates, professional contacts, funders both active and potential, elected officials, like charities and anyone else deemed important to your charity and its need to communicate its message.

Question:  Is data mining possible with @EASE?


ABSOLUTELY!  Data mining is an fascinating topic. It might be something as simple as finding out what time of year people donate; but it may be something more interesting like the amount they donate by year and for how many years they have continued to give; it may be based on characteristics groups of donors have, all of which should be recorded in a donor's profile. There can be many ways to examine and understand donors, most important is to ensure information is recorded so there is something to mine! 

Question:  Can we find last gift, lapsed donors, donors who haven't supported different campaigns &  total giving?


EASILY!  @EASE has many built in queries with many levels of criteria,which have been developed and written by Microsoft Certified Software Engineers. Any of the above questions are answered with simple, easy to run information requests and they provide accurate results.

Question:  Can we process Monthly donations and is @EASE PCI Compliant?


Yes!  @EASE has awesome monthly gift handling through its Pledge Management System. Grants and major gifts awarded over months or years are handled with ease!  iATS Payments is used to process EFT and credit card donations which is fully PCI compliant. 

Question:  Do we need to train?  Training is expensive!


YES!   Would you pay someone to do a job wrong? We don't like to answer a question with another question but this offers a worthwhile thought. Training is required to build proficiency.  Once skills are learned they can be shared through the EASEKMS knowledge based available through a icon found on the @EASE Main Menu.  We offer a support program, but it is important for clients to understand that like all application software, support is not training.  Training staff is the responsiblity of the charity.

Question:   How good is the service provided by Batsch Group?


EXCEPTIONAL!  Service is our first name and our clients will attest to it. We do everything possible to help our clients in the most professional and courteous manner.  We go the extra mile because that is what we would expect if we were the customer.  What we don't do is tolerate inconsiderate, abusive individuals who think their bad attitude deserves our time and attention.

Question:  When looking at software applications do some potential purchasers feel the software offers too much?


SOMETIMES! When purchasing software, the buyer should never be looking at what they need today, but rather what their needs will be in 2 - 3 years. In our experience @EASE offers all the tools charities need to start on the right foot from the beginning. When using a solution doesn't manage the breadth of activity @EASE does, you find staff using wordprocessing lists, spreadsheets and more to accommodate their information needs.  Consider this. The big decision has already been made and which is to run a charity supporting many needs. To short change yourself on the most important tool a charity uses to raise fund, simply does not make any sense.  For this reason we offer an @EaseLite version of @EASE and a leasing option. Contact us for more information.

A Final Note:

 If you have any further questions you would like answered here please let us know by emailing us through the Contact Us tab on our website.

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