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@EASE Software - Why use @EASE?

Your Success is our Success Story!

@EASE offers fundraisers a complete fund development solution with a Knowledge Management focus.


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No Clutter

          Are you working with a fund development package that has hundreds of appeal codes and more fund codes?

        That's the sort of clutter we DO NOT support!


No Queries to Write

          With time at a minimum and information your most powerful asset .... Do you want to spend your time in WAIT MODE?


Described Formats for all your ASKS

          We have worked with charities for over 25 years and we understand the need for well defined appeals.

        How a donation is entered today impacts on how it can be used in the future.


Leave Your Legacy

          Anyone can ask for money.

       A successful fundraiser creates valuable information in a form useful to the charity and its staff.

       If you walk away and leave nothing, you leave chaos.


Be Accountable to Yourself and Your Donors

          Major donors who give generously want to know fund development is well managed.


 @EASE is so Advanced it's Friendly!

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