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@EASE Software - Feature Overview

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Donors, Prospects and Key Influencers
Know your key donors
Identify prospects
Record key influencers that support your charity.
Keep in touch!
Build and Maintain Relationships
Donor Recognition
Donor giving history, donor commitment over time
Donor involvement, board and committee members
Family members, relationships and achievements
Communications Tab
Track donor websites, social networking sites, letters, proposals, photographs, presentations and more, right from the donor’s master record. 
Direct Mail, Newsletters
Memoriams, In Honour of
Where you mailed and who responded.
Comparative statistics between campaigns and campaign years.
Track costs for a complete analysis.
Memoriam donations have an Anonymous option as well as the option to send or not send contact information on donors.
Special Events
Auction item donors … Bid Sheets
Auction item purchasers
Prize providers
Event revenue sales
Extracting Information has never been Easier.
Built in queries for reports and data extracts enable anyone to run a report or create an extract that is complete and accurate.
Queries are for techies … not fundraisers!
Q-Xpress window displays selections for global assigns, reporting, exporting and more.
PayNow Button
Using IATS from Ticketmaster, you can accept payments through @EASE. Mastercard, Visa and Amex can now be processed through the Receipt window.
Monthly Pledge Handling
Fixed length donations
On-going donations
Credit card, Direct Debit, Cheque, Gift in Kind and Employee Deductions
Foundation Gifts
Record all Grant requests, awards and declines. Report the status of all grants to your board, in seconds!
Foundation gifts to your organization
Foundation gifts from your organization
  • Giving Criteria
  • Proposal Times
  • Proposals in process
  • Proposals accepted and rejected
Lottery Ticket Sales
Unique ticket numbers & tickets sold and not sold reporting
Major Gift and Annual Gift Campaigns
Identify potential donors and put a plan in place
Planned Gifts
Insurance policies
Endowment gifts
Capital Campaigns
Multiple levels to reflect campaign successes and roadblocks
Pledges, one time dollar gifts and gifts in kind.
Capital Campaign reports shows all activity, activity by dollar level or by audience. Best yet, you can run these reports anytime you want without and help.
Charitable receipts
Non-charitable receipts
Yearly receipts for pledged gifts
Yearly receipts for your more forgetful donors … this is a special @EASE option.
Charitable one time donations
Yearly receipts
Import Utility
Importing new donors and donations or updating existing data has never been so easy.
Volunteer Management
Volunteer Recognition
Schedule volunteers for special events
Record volunteer hours for general activity
Volunteer recognition
Volunteer interests and skills
Volunteer credentials … like security checks
Know where the E.D., Fund Development and Board Members have told your story … see the results
Moves Management
Effective and easy planning tools to help staff and volunteers manage critical activities.
Contact Management
Prospect Management with Dickens
Diarise meetings with key donors, schedule foundation gift requirements, note follow-up activities.
Ease KMS (Knowledge Management System)
Ease KMS is a folder management strategy to help our clients organize their computer tools like letters, forms and development decisions.
Direct link from the Ease icon feature bar.
Donor Communications link helps organize donor forms, pictures and letters. Direct link from the donor’s Communications tab.
EASE Courseware & Tutorials
We offer courseware in all areas of software use and computer skill courses like Merging with Word.
Step by step Tutorials are available by clicking the big pink @ sign found on the @EASE Menu Bar
EASE Toolkit
EASE Toolkit is a series of management forms and methods to help clients plan campaigns and events. 
Building a Knowledge Base
Loss of information coupled with staff changes can cripple the growth of a charity. @EASE can help prevent information loss, and provide a methodology for information management.