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@EASE Software - @EASE Features

Clean, Clear and Unclutter

@EASE features clear, uncluttered windows. With powerful reports and export features, @EASE users do not need to learn how to write complex queries; reports and data extracts are accurate and easy to run for all users.

Knowing Donors, Funders and Advocates

Knowing your donors is important when building lasting relationships. Every donor and advocate group has an extensive profile which lets your record information valuable to your organization. Using @EASE to maintain all contact information ensures everyone has accurate information when they need it.

Individual Donors     Businesses, organizations      Contacts & advocates 

Relationship Building

With a glance, know when donors first donated and last donated. View their giving history. Donor recognition has never been so fast nor so easy to determine. Know board member history, discuss newsletter content, understand more about why donors give. Meaningful conversations that build meaningful relationships build a sustainable charity.



Campaigns enable you to record donation dollars, run special events and track volunteer hours. Plan first is the @EASE motto when it comes to determining how donations of all kinds will be accumulated to a donor's profile. Campaigns provide default values so that data entry is fast and accurate. Record expenses, create volunteer assignments for special events , prepare for eReceipts, identify family members for memoriam/in honour notificaiton, total donations by fiscal year, run membership campaigns and more. A campaign will do it all!

     Campaign Profile 

Recording Individual Donations

Individual donations are quick to record. The selected campaign or appeal determines many of the default values. With Payment Methods like Gift in Kind, all types of donations can be recorded. Using the iATS Pay Now button, individual credit card transactions can be handled directly from this window. The Breakout Code or fund enables a gift to be directed to several designations. Keeping in Memory donors anonymous is helpful to manage special donor requests.

The Acquisition Number identifies a walker, runner, third party host or campaign solicitor to credit these valued volunteers through annual participation totals.

Monthly Donations with @EASE Pledge Management

Monthly giving offers a charity the opportunity to let donors give a more substantial gift. @EASE offers on-going as well as fixed length pledges for your donors to select from. Telethons and radiothons with direct debit or credit card transactions are now possible. Payments can be made through @EASE through a variety of banking options. Grants and major gifts to be paid over several installments are easy to manage and track as commitments for capital campaigns. Yearly receipts and yearly eReceipts along with Q-Xpress selections and Pledge Reports makes this a powerful option.

Receipts: Individual and Yearly - Mailed and eReceipts

@EASE runs charitable and non-charitable receipts. Receipts can be run yearly or printed as donations arrive. An option exists for any donor to request yearly receipts. Copies of both yearly and individual receipts can be run quickly when a receipt is lost. eReceipts are available for charitable yearly and non-yearly receipts.


Volunteer Management

Volunteers are very important people. @EASE provides a full Volunteer profile as well as three methods to record volunteer hours. Volunteers working at a one day event are recorded through Campaign Events, volunteers who work on committees are recorded through Activity Hours and volunteers who work weekdays over a period of time are recorded using the Volunteer Schedule. It has never been so easy to recognize accumulated volunteer hours or say thanks after an event. Volunteer Accreditations lets you keep track of date related requirements like security checks.

Data Mining

The new big thing in fundraising is the ability of a charity to mine its data. @EASE Q-Xpress selections and Reports provide access to the information needed quickly and accurately.  There is no need to do a large data dump for spreadsheet analysis when using @EASE.

Contact / Prospect Management   The palest ink is better than the best memory!

Tracking contacts, donor follow-up actions and prospect management is quick and easy with the use of Dickens. Dickens represents Past, Present and Future as it builds an archive a organizational history. View your actions or everyones actions as Dickens records important information that stays with an organization long after staff changes occur. Media activity, third party advisories, presentations can be instantly reported to senior managers or the board upon request.


@EASE imports individuals, organizations and contacts. The Compare feature looks for duplication and compares using multiple criteria. Qualities can be assigned and donations can be imported. The Import works with XML and CSV file formats. Committees working off-site gathering auction donations or selling tickets can now import their work in a few easy steps. Imported data can be updated at the point of entry. Existing records can be updated to reflect more accurate information like addresses.


@EASE offers many reports with built in query options to customize to provide accurate information easily. Everything Donor Profiles to Capital Campaign reports are available with the Reports menu. We build reports based on client requests at no additional cost enabling our clients to help us build the best possible fund development solution for charities.


Data Extractions using @EASE Q-Xpress

Exporting data from @EASE is done through powerful built in queries. Standard information always accompanies a private or corporate record including a fully developed address, greeting, phone numbers, email and first / last year donated. Complete gift information can be accessed as simply as entering a date range and clicking Include Dollar Amounts. Accumulated gifting is available due to the campaign structure provided to @EASE clients.  Once selected the Q-Xpress View enables the global assign of attributes, the clearing of old attributes, filtering, sorting, printing and exporting via spreadsheet or text format.

Another powerful tool enabling @EASE clients access to their data accurately and easily.


Quik Ease Questions

Often users will want to access a quick question. How many private or corporate master records are in the system; how many charitable receipts will we have in a given date period; how many receipt transactions are in the database and more.  These are QuikEase questions that we provide responses for. All an @EASE clients needs to do is provide the question they would like a quick answer to and we will add it at no cost.

Additional Features

@EASE offers tutorials directly available from the Main Menu. Tutorials can be click by click show and tell, notes and / or powerpoint presentations.

@EASE comes with an EaseKMS ... a knowledge management system for clients to use to manage their in-house documents, instructions sets, procedures, presentations, donor communications and grant proposals.

Significant Other relationships enable the sharing of one address to reduce redundant and costly mailings.

Batsch Group support which is well known by our clients.  More Information

  and now we can offer all these features 


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