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@EASE Software - How are we Different?

   How are we Different?

Take a moment and read the following points ... you may save your organization hours of time and money!

1. COST:

No Modules to buy. You purchase a complete system. No up-selling and No hidden costs.

2. No Queries to Write:

Our Microsoft software engineers build all selections for reports and extracts. If you need a feature we don't have, we add it and the cost to you is ZERO.   

3. No Clutter:   

You can dispense with multiple appeal codes, confusing input windows, complex field selections for exports.

4. 15 Second Retrieval: 

Our EaseKMS or Knowledge Management System lets you save all electronic tools for access through @EASE in 15 seconds!

5. Training and Support:  

We know fundraising and we understand data management. Our on-line tutorials are based on real situations and our support is well known.

6. Productivity: 

 Yours will increase as you will have access to what you need when you need it. You will reduce costs and turn staff time into profitable activities.

 Call us for a demo. See why @EASE is the best fund development tool you could choose for your organization. 

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