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CHAOS 2 CONTROL is ready and you can order it NOW. It is your resource book helping you to work smarter while reducing your stress!
In the realm of ideas, everything depends on enthusiasm. In the Real World, all rests on perseverance. Goethe
Successful people form the habits of doing things that unsuccessful people do not like to do. Albert E.N.Gray
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From Chaos to Control: Sharron has constructed a simple guidebook for charities to actively control their opportunities to make and keep more of their hard earned money! Cathy

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Client Review: "We are proud to support such an excellent product. Batsch Group understands the needs of charities and continues to incorporate the newest technologies. It is a pleasure to work with @EASE and Batsch Group inc.  Linda Churchill, Wings of Providence using @EASE since 1998!

Client Review: @EASE is a powerful donor management tool. It's easy to use and the customer support is top notch. Rob Fragoso CFRE, Bissell Centre using @EASE since 1995!

Grow Relationships

There are no fast ways to raise funds. Sustainability is achieved when you build honest relationships with donors who support the charity's mission.

Build Capacity

Build your capacity by using your time and resources effectively. Complex software and time consuming activities are wasteful.

Create a Knowledge Driven Culture

Build a knowledge-driven culture for your charity. Know your donors, funders and advocates for continuity and consistency.

We Care Support

We CARE about our clients and we promise to help you meet your goals!

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